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Welcome!     This fledgling Web site details my father's direct male line, the assorted Stephen Alexander UNDERWOOD families of Kansas City, Missouri, and their ancestors' travels back in time to the Revolutionary War and beyond. Their migration pattern - in reverse chronological order - included the following locations:

  • Since 1896: Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA
  • 1880: Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, USA
  • 1880: Mad River, Humboldt County, California, USA
  • 1870: Marion Township, Newton County, Missouri, USA
  • 1860: Black Hawk Township, Jefferson County, Iowa, USA
  • 1832 to 1850s: Jackson Creek area, Will County, Illinois, USA
  • 1830: Fountain County, Indiana, USA
  • 1820: Orange County, Indiana, USA
  • 1811: Chatham County, North Carolina, USA


Dedication: This site is dedicated to the memory of my father, Stephen Alexander Underwood, Jr., and was launched on 4 March 2013. We lost him too soon 20 years ago last month. I miss him every day.


Researchers: I have tried to give you clues so you can find the relevant census records on, including misspellings of names in their index that have taken me years of painstaking research to find. If you would like me to add your name to this site so that you can connect with other cousins researching these families, please e-mail me.


Caveat: I know that Generation 4 should have been "Senior," Generation 3 should have been "Junior," and that Generation 2 should have been the "III." This naming error in my family drives me crazy, but that's the way they were named. Generation 3 was named "Junior" when he was young, dropped the suffix after his father's death, and then added "Senior" when his same-named son was born, so I guess I have Grandpa PopDot to thank for that! I call him that because his younger grandchildren called him Grandpa; his older grandchildren and his sons called him Pop; and his wife, siblings, and parents called him Dot. The story goes that when he was born as a surviving twin, he was so small that when his older brother peered into his cradle, he exclaimed, "Why, he's no bigger than a little dot!"


Please Note: This Web site was designed for a February 2013 class project called "Creating Your Family Web Site" that I was taking from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto in Canada. (By the way, I got an A+!) I will one day have a full-fledged Web site detailing all collateral lines, so I encourage you to look for that in the months to come. I will post the URL here later. In the interest of getting this site turned in on time, I do not have source citations included on this Web site for every fact, but I will be adding them as soon as I receive my copy of Evidence! by Elizabeth Shown Mills, the citation guru.


Happy Hunting!




Christine Jane Underwood, site owner